Carter Fair

for Senior Class President

Hello my friends! My name is Carter Fair, and I would be honored to serve as your Senior Class President! A little bit about myself, I love the outdoors and spending time in the mountains, I run on the Cross Country team, and I’ve been privileged to perform in 5 theater productions during my time at Merit. I enjoy reading books, listening to music, and playing the piano as well. 
I want to be Senior Class president because I believe that our class can make a lasting impact on this school. I recognize that high school is almost over and some of us can’t wait to be done with it, but we are in a unique position as the upperclassmen to make a difference in the high school experience of the younger students. I know that many of us looked up to the Seniors in our younger years, and I believe that if we really rise to the challenge of leadership (you know, the word that represents our grade), we can be the role models this school needs. I want to help us as a class become closer together, unified, so that we can make this, our last year, the best one yet, and I hope to continue to keep in touch with you all for many years to come. 
Be the kind of leader you would want to follow.

Angel Tanner

for Senior Class President

  Hey y’all! My name is Angelina Tanner, but you probably know me better as Angel. I am 207 months old (17 years and 3 months). I play softball, volleyball, and basketball, and plan to
add baseball to that list this fall. I play the piano and have been playing for 9 years. One of my favorite things outside of school and extracurricular activities is spending time with my sister. She is my role model and is always encouraging me to be the best version of myself. I am running for Senior Class President because I want to have an unforgettable senior
year. This is our last year in high school, and we’re soon going to be thrown into the real world
which personally sounds terrifying, but I plan on having activities that can help us be more prepared, from service activities to class assemblies with experienced guest speakers. However
I also plan on holding grade wide activities such as dances, Senior Nights, and group
competitions. I’m so excited for the next year and I hope I can spend it as your Senior Class
President. Let’s go Knights!

Ava Hatfield

for Senior Class Vice President

Watzup class of 2023!!!! It’s Ava back at it again for the…third time! So I wanted to introduce myself more and tell you what I wanna do next year. My names Ava and I love long walks on the beach. jk I’m just messing. I’m the 3rd of 6 and currently the oldest in the hose so I have definitely learned some leadership skills from being an older kid in a big family. Some of my favorite things to do is hangout with friends, watch tv, and blast one direction and Taylor Swift! I love all things Taylor Swift. Anyway enough about me. So this time for my campaign I want to focus on things I can do realistically for next year because if we’re being honest next year when we are seniors we prolly won’t be showing up to school that much! Next year I want the senior class to bond together and to all be friends even if we aren’t at school! Imagine how fun it would be if we all became best friends!! I also want to have fun senior activities next year that we have never had before and start traditions for all the younger grades! I want to have super fun activities all the time like a spirit bowl where we compete against other grades in various activities! Your senior year is supposed to be your best year and it will be if you vote Ava Hatfield for senior class VP!! Let’s go class of 2023!!!! 

Lana Shull

for Senior Class Vice President

Coming Soon Picture

Hey guys, My name is Lana Shull and I am running for Senior Class VP. My goals for this school revolve around truth and honesty on a personal level. Everyone has unique talents and gifts that they bring to any environment they are in. Merit does an amazing job at finding those gifts in others and getting them to use their talents in various ways. I want to do all I can to continue this trait, and train others to do the same. Many other schools have fallen from honesty and are driven by popularity, even some of the best schools. I want to help do all we can to prevent this from happening at Merit, because here diversity is beauty. I want to help students at Merit be honest with themselves, and encourage them when they are searching for truth. I am currently a part of Orchestra and Roots Band at Merit, and have every intention of continuing them next year. I love singing, writing, and drawing (even though I’m not the best at it).


Stella Sutherland

Jr. Class President

Coming Soon Picture

My name is Stella, and I love to run, play basketball, and read books! I have been at Merit since 7th grade, and I‘ve done cross country, basketball, and ultimate frisbee. This year, I am running for junior class president. As junior class president I just want everyone, but especially the juniors, to have an amazing school year! A lot of people say junior year is the hardest, but I really want to shoot for the stars. I know our class has the potential to work hard and succeed, while still having fun. The junior class value is determination- know you can. I want to help our class know that we can accomplish anything, as long as we work towards it. I want to help our class reach their goals by being friendly and supportive to everyone. Another thing I want to do is put together an ACT prep club, because I want as many juniors as possible to feel prepared to take the ACT, without being super stressed, and while knowing they can succeed. As junior class president, I want to help the juniors have an amazing year!

Aubeni Bunker

Jr. Class President

Aubeni LeeAnne Bunker is a 10th grade student who is looking forward to her junior year. She is passionate about being involved. She cares deeply about her fellow students and looks for ways
to serve others. She is creative, charismatic, and has a great sense of humor. Her humor has been developed, in part, by being raised as the only girl in a family of nine brothers. Her brothers have taught her how to be tough, but also to celebrate her ability to nurture. She’s
learned to stand up for her beliefs, but also adjust her interaction style to put other people at ease and to help them feel heard and understood.
She is most proud of her growth as she has navigated the difficulties of teenage years. She has been able to look at relationships that were negatively impacting her and make changes to be in a better place emotionally and socially. She’s proud of the person she’s become. She hopes that her future includes opportunities to provide safety and genuine concern for others. She wants to advocate for those who have lost their voices. She’s looking forward to studying forensic
psychology. She hopes that her ability to provide answers will give grieving people closure and help them move forward with their lives.

Taylie Jenkins

Jr. Class Vice President

Hi Merit Family!! My name is Taylie Jenkins and I am running for Junior Class President.

I have attended Merit since 7th grade and have loved participating in Theater, Glee, and Dance. I have enjoyed serving my school and community as a member of the National Honor Society and through Student Government. My dream for Merit is for every student to feel loved and included and that they belong! I want them to feel safe and feel like they can be themselves without feeling judged for their beliefs or lifestyle. Everyone at this school is part of our Merit family and I want to work to help every single student feel valued and important.

Lorelei Hansen

Jr. Class Vice President

My name is Lorelei Hansen and I’m running for Junior Class Vice President. I have been at Merit Academy since 7th grade and I love it here! I’ve had great teachers, mentors and awesome friends. I have learned a lot in the four years that I’ve been at the school. I’ve learned to overcome shyness and loneliness and have had opportunities to grow by stepping outside of my comfort zone. Theater and dance have been especially good for this. I have made awesome friends through my participation in dance and plays where I have seen the Merit Academy values of unity and belonging in action. I think my experiences here have helped to be more caring, kind and compassionate. I want to help others who may feel lonely and friendless feel like they have a place here. I try to be aware of those around me and reach out where I see a need. I am looking forward to new opportunities to learn, serve and grow together next year!

Haze Nielsen!

Jr. Class Vice President

Hi I’m Haze Nielsen! I’m running for Junior class VP. I love soccer, theater and dance. I’m advocating for more togetherness and community. You should vote for me because I want to make sure everyone knows what’s going on and make sure everyone feels like they belong and have a place to be themselves.

Sarah Wiseman

Jr. Class Vice President

Hi! My name is Sarah Wiseman and I’m running for eleventh grade Vice President. I’m sixteen years old and I love to sing, dance, play with my pets, hangout with friends and help people to smile. I also really like to read SciFi, historical and fantasy novels in my free time. I also really like food and sleeping as most teenagers do. I love to volunteer and serve others with a smile and I’m a huge marvel fan, Falcon being my favorite. My favorite school subjects are english and history. Within school, I am involved with ballroom, theatre, costuming, Jazz Band (as a singer) and cross country. Outside of school I am involved in Millennial Choirs and Orchestras where I am a Concert Choir 1st Soprano (Best choir ever highly recommend joining) and I currently work at a daycare and have a summer job as a cook for an LDS run Girls Camp. My goal as a Student Council member is to build and strengthen our personal and collective desire to serve our school and the community around us, wherever we may be and to experience joy as we do so! Good luck with your life and your vote would be much appreciated! – Sarah E. Wiseman

Andrew Shull

Jr. Class Secretary

Hey y’all! My name is Andrew Shull and I’m running for Junior Class Secretary. I’ve been a part of Merit for four wonderful years. I love playing the viola, and I’ve always enjoyed art and drawing. I’ve taken Theater classes and am still participating in Orchestra and Merit’s amazing Roots Band. Merit has been such a great experience for me. It’s helped me grow in so many ways. All of the teachers and students are just so awesome to be around. Roots Band especially has helped me with becoming a better leader, and I really want to use that qualitie to its full extent by helping this school to the best of my abilities. My many goals consist of getting to know and interacting with the students, understanding how they feel, getting their opinion on how we can make this school a better and safer environment for everybody, and just helping where I can. I feel like Merit has grown quite rapidly over the last few years. And with growth, there is also, no matter how hard we try, going to be a danger of neglect. Another one of my main goals for this school is that we try to be there for our fellow students and help them and ourselves with the aspect of unity, and just being there for one another. The last thing I want for this school, that happens to a lot of other schools, is division. If we start to neglect each other, then we start to feel like we’re all alone in life, and that we have nowhere to go, and it’ll just tear this school apart. What I want is to motivate and help other students realize that they’re not alone in life and that they do have people in their life that they can openly talk to about the struggles that they themselves may be dealing with. Like I said, I want to help encourage a sense of unity throughout Merit. Y’all are the best, and I want everybody to know that being a part of this school and being a Merit Knight is something to be proud of!!!


Sam Fair

Sophmore Class President

Hello everyone! My name is Sam Fair. I am running for Sophomore class President! I love being a part of this school and doing Merit theater! I really enjoy serving others and seeing things change for the better due to hard work. My goals are to help individual people, and the school as a whole, to grow and be united with others. I hope to have everyone find where they belong and to help Merit grow as a school. I love you all and I’m excited to work with you!

Cassidy Wong

Sophmore Class President

Hi! I’m Cassidy Nicole Wong! This has been my first year at Merit, and I absolutely love it! I am super excited about serving with the student body here. I was born in Brooklyn, New York. But I was raised in Texas and Saudi Arabia! I’m also from Hawaii, Philippines, and China! (Ethnicity wise.) I love the outdoors! Hence my favorite activities being: hiking, camping, rock climbing, sand dunning, and traveling. Aside from the outdoor activities, I really like singing and acting! Performing here at Merit is one of the funnest things I do! I’m what you call a “social butterfly” so I love working with others, and I hope that I get the chance to work with you! I’ll do my best to make Merit a safe environment for everyone, and I’ll always do my best to help you be your best self!

Kekoa Palmer

Sophmore Class Vice President

Hey Guys! My name is Kekoa Palmer. I am currently serving as Freshman Class Representative this year. During Student Government I have enjoyed meeting and serving students and helping Merit grow. I have loved participating in Theatre, Cross Country, and Hope Squad. My goal for 2022 is to continue to build unity and to be a voice for our school.


Mary Moody

Sophmore Class Vice President

Hey my name is Mary Moody and I’m running for Sophomore class Vice President. I love basketball, theater, and the outdoors. I’m hoping to plan some great activities for our class to make next year pretty dang awesome. I want everyone to be heard and to create a positive environment. Vote for me and I promise I’ll never let you down!

Parker Veater

Sophmore Class Vice President

Hey I’m Parker Veater, a ninth grade student running for Sophomore Vice President. I am a trans and queer student. I value individuality and self expression. I value uniqueness. I am one of a kind. My artistic abilities show my uniqueness.

I have been a student at Merit since 7th grade. My dedication to playing the Cello and Bass began at the beginning of this school year and I am not stopping anytime soon. We have an amazing music program here at Merit and I value musical and artistic education. With the recent addition of the Younity club, it has pushed me to further advocate for those who need advocating.

The main reason I am running is to spread awareness for underrepresented communities. I want to make the sophomore class the best one here at Merit.


Cambria Griffin

Sophmore Class Secretary

I am Cambria Griffin. I love the outdoors: gardening, hiking, canoeing, camping, and exploring. The mountains are my favorite place to go! I also really enjoy reading. I love being a part of the Theater program at Merit. I also enjoy being a part of the Roots Band at Merit. I like spending time playing the violin with my mother and sister. I love playing games with my family. I am the sixth of ten children, they are my very best friends! I can’t wait for this year. It is going to be a wonderful year of growing and learning.