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Meet your class officers for next year!


Kekai Palmer

Student Body President

My name is Kekai, I am currently serving as the Student Body Vice President. This year during Student Government I have enjoyed meeting & serving students, and helping Merit grow and progress. I have loved participating in Theater, Glee, Cross Country and Basketball. My Goal for 2020 is to continue to build Unity, Instill Confidence and allow everyone to be a leader.

Abigail Fisher

Student Body Vice President

My campaign is happiness. Until a short while ago I didn’t fully understand its meaning. Life threw me a left hook, but I had the people I needed right by my side the entire way and they showed me that what is most important in life is happiness. I want to help you find yours or encourage you if you already have.  
I live in Spanish Fork with my mom, dad, twin sister, and doggo.  
I love: volleyball, cheer, dance, art, service, music, good food. 
I have attended Merit Academy since 8th grade and I have been involved in almost everything Merit has to offer. 
I am: organized, dedicated, tenacious, enthusiastic, reliable, trustworthy.
I currently attend Merit Academy but am also a student at UVU working on getting my associates degree, I would love to show you how to take college courses and share my study secrets. 
I will support the Student Body President and make sure your voice is heard. I have good communication skills and a positive personality. I love to motivate others to reach their goals. I love service and have been involved with service projects and volunteer groups from a young age. I will do my utmost to support and help others. As Student Body VP my responsibility is to promote unity and positivity; as a student it is to work hard and grow with others; as a person it is to make sure that you and your happiness are the priority.

Tennyson Hirst

Student Body Secretary

My name is Tennyson Hirst. I am running for Student Body Secretary because I enjoy meeting new people and would love to work with other STUCO officers to help build Merit. I spend my free time reading books, playing Spikeball, weightlifting, and taking my younger siblings to the pool.
I have loved being at Merit these past three years. Being in quarantine has made me appreciate the amazing people at school and that being around you guys truly makes me happy. I hope to be able to represent and serve each of you as Merit’s Student Body Secretary.

Adela Montoya

Publicity Manager


Nate Moody

Senior Class President

My name is Nate Moody. I like to serve others, play spike ball, participate in theater, play videogames, read Brandon Sanderson books, and play different variations of Monopoly! This year I’m running for Senior Class President. I have been in Student Government since my Freshman year, and my goal this year is to have my best year in Student Government yet!

Two themes I really want to focus on this year for our Senior Class are Self-Worth and Kindness. I believe that everyone has amazing potential inside of them and each person is so important and incredible. This year I really want to help each member of the Senior Class realize their potential and understand that they are destined for great things! Also that they are valued as an individual…and THEY MATTER! Kindness is another thing I am very passionate about. I believe that the way you treat others can impact them in a positive or negative way. I also know a lot of rumors have been spread around about different schoolmates this past year and I want unkind gossip to stop. I want people to focus on the good in others rather than the bad. I want us to focus on who we are becoming rather than who we once were. We have no place to judge the flaws in other people. So instead of spreading rumors, I want us to spread Kindness instead. 

Tate Gifford

Senior Class Vice President

Hi there, I’m Tate Gifford. I love writing music, and participate in theater and Glee. I also enjoy bringing smiles to others and sometimes make a fool of myself at times to do so.  I’m passionate about helping others, and being able to connect with them. And getting to be able to know people individually and on a school wide scale. And I’m completely serious and sincere when I say that I’m always here to be a friend to anyone.
My desire to get to know you and to help others, making connections with every student at Merit, my enthusiasm, school spirit, and the experience I’ve had in and with Student Government are just a few great reasons to vote for me.
As your Vice President I would be responsible for helping create ways for us all to connect and enjoy being a part of Merit and and what makes Merit . . . Well MERIT! 😁 And if I am chosen as your Vice President, the first thing I will do to show my commitment to listening to and helping you smile: I will complete the following most voted for ridiculous challenges that are voted for on my Instagram.

Kinley Griffin

Senior Class Secretary

Hello my fellow students! My name is Kinley. I have been a member of the Merit Academy student body for many years. I am grateful for the opportunities I’ve had to learn from you and grow because of that learning. When I am not at school, I enjoy spending time in my garden tending flowers. I also find peace and joy in canoeing, camping, and taking little excursions exploring wild places. My family is the best part of my life, that cannot be doubted. As the fourth oldest of nine siblings, I have enjoyed the mentoring of my older brothers and sister as well as being able to nurture and love the younger ones. One can often find me sitting quietly reading in a corner, or playing celtic fiddle tunes on my violin. I love attending Merit and how supportive we all are of one another as students. 

Merit is amazing!

-Kinley R Griffin


Grace Parsons

Junior Class President

My name is Grace Parsons and I am running for Junior class president. I enjoy participating in Theater, Glee, and Ballroom dance! I have loved being in Student government and serving as the Freshman and Sophomore class president. Merit is a great school and I’ve been able to be a part of such an amazing class! My goal this next year is to help everyone reach out to each other and to do it through positivity and genuine kindness. One small smile can make one big difference! If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the leadership positions I’ve been in, it’s that you never know what others are going through. It’s so important to be kind to everyone you meet. Our junior class theme is “Determination- Know you can.” I am determined to help others know that they are capable of achieving their goals and leaving an inspiring legacy behind them! Let’s make it an awesome year! 

Breeze Siufanua

Junior Class Vice President

My name is Breeze. I am running for junior class vice president because I want to meet new people and help make decisions to better our school. 

I enjoy playing basketball, flipping on my tramp, and learning new sports. I’ve just started at Merit this past year and I’ve had lots of awesome opportunities to serve students and meet a lot of people and with those experiences, I want to help students be able to have a voice in whatever they need or want.

Aurora Bateman

Junior Class Secretary

My fellow Ameritans, I’ve got the position for Junior class secretary in my sights! I am running because I want to get to know you better, and have a great time working with you and serving you. I’m part of the orchestra and theater, and have had a lot of fun in art classes like ceramics and woodshop. I have had some great times throughout my years at Merit, and am ready for more! You people are amazing, and I hope to gain the honor of serving as your class secretary.


Angel Tanner

Sophmore Class President

My name is Angelina Tanner, but everyone calls me Angel. I am 15 years old. I have 9 older siblings. I play softball, volleyball, and basketball. I participate in competitive ballroom and I play the piano. I love going on hikes with my sister and trying new things, and I know too many TikTok dances for my own good.

I would like to be Sophomore Class President, because I would like to help all of the incoming Sophomores feel like they belong and that they have a place. I also would prioritize having events to make up for what we missed out on in the previous year. I will organize Sophomore assemblies, field trips, and dances. Thanks for your votes and let’s go Knights!

Emma Palmer

Sophmore Class Vice President

My name is Emma Palmer and I’m running for Sophomore Vice President. A little about myself – I have two brothers, I love volleyball, and this was my first year at Merit. I was able to play on our volleyball team, participate in the play Harvey, and be on the cheer team. My goal for this upcoming 2020 school year is to get us as class and school to STAND UP as students, RISE UP as individuals, and continue to LIFT UP each other as leaders and as friends.

Talan Jenkins

Sophmore Class Secretary


Sam Leckie

Freshman Class President

Hello everyone! My name is Sam Leckie and I’m running for Freshman Class President.
This upcoming year I want to make that best year yet! I want everyone to feel welcome at school and ready to jump back into learning normally. This whole quarantine time has been difficult for all of us and by the time normal school comes back this fall it’s going to be hard for us to adjust, especially since we are now starting high school! I hope that you all know that if you ever need someone to talk to or help with anything that I will always be here. I might not know everything but I will do my best to be here for you. Lets make 2020-2021 to best year yet at Merit Academy! I’m here for you!
Vote Sam Leckie!

Taylie Jenkins

Freshman Class Vice President

My name is Taylie Jenkins. I am going into 9th grade. I have been at Merit Academy since 7th grade. Some of my hobbies include dancing, singing, and acting. I also like to be a friend to others and serve them in any way I can. I am kind and helpful. Some of my goals as student class vice president are:

 1) Making sure everyone at Merit feels welcome and feels included in our Merit family.

2) Helping come up with fun activities that the majority of students want to participate in.

3) Doing my best to insure that every student has an enjoyable school year.

I have been a member of the HOPE Squad (suicide prevention program) since 7th grade. As a member of this team, my mission has been to help others and listen to their needs. I want to use the skills I have learned through this great program to lead students to being kinder and better friends to each other.

Joseph Wiseman

Freshman Class Secretary

My name is Joseph Wiseman and I am running for Freshman Class Secretary. At Merit I have enjoyed participating in Jazz Band, Orchestra, Cross Country, Art, and Ballroom. I love the outdoors, hiking, biking, archery, and hanging out with friends. I am running because I think it would be fun to meet new people and help make Merit better. I hope to be able to serve everyone and have a great year at Merit.