Thank you for your interest in Merit Academy!

If you would like to visit our campus and schedule a tour, call Sandy at 801.589.0385. To schedule a shadow day, please fill out the form below. We look forward to hearing from you.

Shadow Day Request

Merit will contact you within 1-2 business days to confirm
The student named above has my permission to visit Merit College Preparatory Academy on the referenced date.

I understand that my student should arrive between 8:10 a.m. and 8:20 a.m. to sign in at the school office (as school starts at 8:30 a.m.). Unless other arrangements have been made, I understand that my student should be picked up at the agreed time or at the end of the day (1:30 pm on Mondays or 3:10 pm Tues - Fridays).

Visiting students will “shadow” an enrolled student and attend each class with that student during the day. Students should bring a lunch to eat if they have food allergies, or they may have a complimentary lunch provided by Chef Sharon in the Merit lunch room.

GENERAL STANDARDS 2.1 The school administration may determine that certain types of student clothing and grooming are prohibited which: 2.1.1 Draws undue attention, distracts, disrupts, and/or interferes with the educational environment at school or at a school activity or event. 2.1.2 Endangers the health, safety, or welfare of the student or others. 2.1.3 May cause damage to school facilities or equipment. 2.1.4 Does not conform to generally accepted community standards. 2.1.5 Appears as an obvious attempt to challenge this policy or the authority of the school. 2.2 Student dress and grooming must conform to the requirements of a special class or school activity or event which requires special dress or grooming and in which the student expects to participate. 3. SPECIFIC STANDARDS 3.1 Shirts 3.1.1 Collared shirts, polo shirts, Henley style shirts, blouses and t-shirts are approved. Sweaters, hoodies, and light jackets are permitted. The hood on jackets and hoodies are not to be worn up in the school. 3.1.2 Emblems are allowed. Words, symbols, or images that support or represent drugs or drug use, skulls, alcohol or alcohol use, gang references, swearing, and pornography are not allowed. 3.1.3 T-shirts and pull over sweatshirts are permitted. 3.1.4 Bare shoulders and midriffs are not allowed. 3.1.5 Sleeves are to be no shorter than a cap sleeve. 3.1.6 No skin can show under the shirt. Undershirts must be worn under low tops. 3.1.7 See through shirts are not permitted. 3.2 Pants, shorts and skirts 3.2.1 Approved pants include dress pants, slacks, cords, cargo style and blue jeans. 3.2.2 Pants, shorts and skirts are to be worn at the hip at all times. 3.2.3 Shorts, skirts are to be no shorter than 3 inches above the knee when worn without leggings. 3.2.4 If wearing leggings/exercise pants/lycra pants, the top/shirt must be fingertip length. 3.2.5 Colored denim is acceptable. 3.2.6 Sweats, track pants, warm ups, sports shorts, yoga pants, or pajama pants are not permitted. 3.2.7 Pants, skirts and shorts must be hemmed at the bottom with no frayed edges and no holes. 3.3 Shoes 3.3.1 Shoes are to be kept in overall good condition with no holes or rips. Flip flops are not permitted.

This is just a summary of the dress code for shadow days. For a complete list please see the DRESS CODE printout at the school or on the Merit website.