Robinne Booth

Professional Director / Actress / Choreographer / Costumer/ Dr Pepper Addict

Robinne Booth

Teaches: Theatre / Costume Design / Sewing 

Robinne has been involved in theatre from a very young age. She has performed in and directed over 200 productions. She started working at Merit in 2010 as has produced professional quality productions in the Theatre Department ever since.

The students at Merit respect Robinne, knowing they will be loved and cared for in her classes. One of her former students said, “Because of Robinne’s professional standards, I haven’t just learned about Theatre, I have lived it!  Robinne has an incredible way of helping each student bring their skills to their peak levels and then showing them that they can go even further!”

At Merit the students develop a passion for Theatre that is fostered and developed by Mrs. Booth. The three words that best describe her: energy, Energy, ENERGY!