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Rachel Jay

Board Member

Rachel Jay

Board Member at Merit Preparatory Academy

Rachel was raised in southern California, where she attended grade school, high school, and graduated with a bachelor’s degree from California State University, Bakersfield. After graduating, Rachel worked as a substitute teacher in two different California public school districts. Rachel spent the majority of her substitute time in special education preschool classrooms, taking multiple long-term positions in that capacity. Rachel is familiar with and supports charter school development. She taught K-12 English and History for a charter school based in Southern California and, since moving to Utah,
has become involved with three local charter schools. At one school, Rachel volunteered over
200 hours and eventually worked as a title one aid. At another school, Rachel volunteered as
the assistant director for their school play. At Merit Preparatory Academy, she is currently serving on the school board as the secretary. Three of her children have attended Merit. In her spare time, Rachel organizes and runs health challenges, reads, sews, and plays with her kids. She also owns a small online business that she founded in 2016.