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Matthew May

Proud Father and Husband / U.S Army Soldier / Loves Competition / Outdoorsman

Matthew May

Teacher at Merit Preparatory Academy

Matthew May grew up in Northern Utah in Brigham City. He went to Utah State University in Logan Utah and graduated with degrees in Physical Education and 2 minors in Psychology and Military Science. While going to school he joined the Utah Army National Guard as a field artillery soldier. He later joined the Utah State Army ROTC and when he graduated he became a 2nd Lieutenant with the Utah National Guard. Mr. May grew up playing many sports but particularly Wrestling, Football, and powerlifting. Later in college he started competing in Triathlons, Crossfit, and Tough Mudders/Spartan Races. He loves the outdoors like camping, hiking, or other outdoor activities. Mr. May has a beautiful wife and boy and loves them more than anything.