Lavender Marigold

Writer / Gamer / Nerd / Nature Enthusiast 

Lavendar Marigold 

7th and 8th Grade English Teacher at Merit Preparatory Academy

Lavender is a teacher, who believes in finding real-world applications and building creative projects to teach. Born in Canada, she learned to teach at a young age. Even as a child, she had been teaching French to other students. As time went on, more and more opportunities became available to her as people asked her repeatedly to instruct their children. 

The opportunities congealed into a desire to seek those opportunities out, signing up first to be a music teacher, then an English and French teacher. Her education culminated in a degree from Brigham Young University–Idaho with an English Education Major and a French Ed Minor.

Since, she has taught with VIPKid, Rigby Middle School, and Merit Academy. Each opportunity has given her new insight and challenges to overcome. Every year, she tries to find new, innovative ways to teach and incorporate her creative energy into her teaching. 

She loves the seventh graders and the eighth graders that she teaches, marvelling at the changes in spirit and energy each year brings as a new melange of personalities are brought together. She also relishes the ability to teach Creative Writing–as she is an author herself–imparting the knowledge she already has to those who desire to better themselves.