Mr. Wright

Teacher / Builder / Geocacher

Meet Mr. Wright

Teaches: Game Theory & Design, U.S. History I, Utah Studies and Speech & Debate

My name is Joe Wright, and I live with my wife and two sweet boys in Payson, UT. This is currently my 5th year teaching (2018-2019), and I am very excited for the upcoming school year as well! I got my degree in Social Science Education at Brigham Young University, and have been teaching in the area since that time. I also got a minor in Bilingual / TESOL / Dual Immersion Education, which has helped me better related to individuals coming from that background, as well as others who might have learning difficulties. 

I began my Master’s of Education Administration degree at Chadron State College, and in Fall 2018 transferred to SUU, where I’ll be graduating in Summer 2020. Graduate school is not for the faint of heart, but I enjoy the proposition.  For instance, I went on a two year service mission for my church to Brazil out of high school, and not only paid my own way but somehow survived that, coming back not only fluent in Portuguese, but having a much better appreciation for foreign language and culture.

After meeting my sweetheart while working to pay my way through college, we decided to join a self-help home-building group funded by the USDA, and so while attending college full time, I also worked full time building 7 other houses, as well as our own, with the help of certified supervisors. That was five years ago…and so when we considered finishing our basement 3 years ago, I was a bit apprehensive (and perhaps a bit rusty), but I bit the bullet and did that, finishing it 6 months later.

I enjoy doing lots of things. One of my hobbies is Geocaching, and I have used that to help teach students about geography and maps, coordinates, etc. For example, one cool project for my Utah Studies class that requires the students to create a self-guided tour of the local community. The 2019-2020 school year will be my 6th year teaching Social Studies in Springville, Utah, and I truly enjoy my job. I have taught many different classes, such as Geography, World History, U.S. History, Utah Studies, Sociology, Speech & Debate, Game Design, etc. 

This upcoming year, we will be learning about Game Theory & DesignU.S. History I, Utah Studies as well as Speech & Debate! I know that this is yet another great opportunity to push ourselves and learn invaluable knowledge and skills! Looking forward to the challenge!