Band and Orchestra


12 FAQs

#1 Q: I have no musical experience. Can I join band or orchestra?

A: YES of course! You don’t need to know anything about music! Just sign up for the class and come to school!

#2 Q: Why should I join band or orchestra?

A: It is super fun and you will make awesome friends! You get to do cool things like go to band/orchestra parties, get an awesome t-shirt, play in competitions and get top scores at Region like the Advanced Orchestra, go to State, and of course, play music!

#3 Q: What instruments are in the band and orchestra?
A: Band Instruments: Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, French Horn, Euphonium, Tuba.
Orchestra Instruments: Violin, Viola, Cello, String Bass.
Watch these awesome videos to figure out what instrument you want to play!


#4 Q: I don't have an instrument. What should I do?

A: Merit has instruments that you can rent. You can also buy or rent an instrument from a music store like Summerhays or Bert Murdock Music.

#5 Q: I can't afford an instrument. What should I do?

A: Merit instruments are available for $25 a semester. If that doesn’t work, fee waivers are also available. We want everyone to be able to join band or orchestra, so don’t worry, just sign up and we’ll help you figure it out!

#6 Q: I am a junior or senior in high school. Am I too old to join band or orchestra?

A: No! Everyone can join band or orchestra, no matter what grade you are in. Even if you are a senior, you never know how much fun you will miss out on your last year of school if you don’t join. We have had 11th graders join the program and they had a ton of fun!

#7 Q: What class should I sign up for?
A: If you have never played a band or orchestra instrument, you should sign up for Beginning Band (T1), Intermediate Band (T2), or Beginning Orchestra (W3). Intermediate Band includes beginners who have never played before, don’t worry. 
#8 Q: What if I used to play a band or orchestra instrument?

A: You should sign up for Advanced Orchestra (W1), Intermediate Orchestra (W2), or Intermediate Band (W2). Don’t worry if you forgot some things about your instrument, we will help you remember how to play it and how to read music!

#9 Q: I can play some piano. Will it be hard to play a different instrument?

A: If you already know how to play the piano a little bit, you will be awesome in band or orchestra! You already learned about reading notes and rhythms, so you are one step ahead! Learning a new instrument will be much easier now!

#10 Q: How can I be in the Roots Band or Jazz Band?

A: Sign up for one of the other band or orchestra classes, and with practice, you can eventually try out for the Roots Band or Jazz Band!

#11 Q: I already signed up for my classes. Is it too late to change my schedule?
A: No! Schedule changes are easy and the counselors are awesome and can help you figure it out! Just fill out this form so that the counselors can be contacted.
#12 Q: Should I sign up for band or orchestra right now?

A: YES! You will have so much fun! Just fill out the form today!