Dr. Jesse Meeks

Director / Teacher / Administrator / Avid Learner

Jesse Meeks

Director at Merit Preparatory Academy

Dr. Jesse Meeks was chosen for his unique background, his educational philosophy, and his enthusiasm and energy.  

Before he joined Merit Academy, Dr. Meeks started and ran a small private, classical liberal arts school. The students in his school read and discussed the classics, learned to speak and be leaders, and worked hard to understand the truth from the greatest minds in history.  They were able to go out into the community and apply what they were learning to projects and goals they were passionate about. Their successes in college and life are a testament to the value of a transformational education. Dr. Meeks did this all while administering his own chiropractic clinic.

During this same time, he and a group of like-minded thinkers, started an organization that taught the Constitution and political philosophy to adults in the Weber County area. He was also heavily involved in local and state politics.

Later, he taught Biology for two years and Government and A.P. Government for 4 years at Karl G. Maeser Preparatory Academy.  In addition, he developed and implemented a leadership program for 8th and 12th graders and taught the 12 grade Capstone class. He also served as the Department Chair for the Applied and Social Sciences Department at Maeser Prep. At the conclusion of his final year there, he was given the great honor of receiving the “Teacher of the Year” award. Dr. Meeks has also served on the Board of Directors at Pacific Heritage Academy in the Rose Park area.

Lastly, he served as the Director of Entheos Academy, an Expeditionary Learning Charter School. He loved the challenge of working with a diverse group of students.  Through his guidance, students and teachers alike excelled. Dr. Meeks particularly loved working with students who needed help in realizing their full potential. During his time at Entheos, he built a positive school culture and mentored great professionals.

In his personal life, he and his wife, Ann, successfully educated their four children at home for 10 years. They also used charter schools, scholar groups, and private schools. Now their oldest child has graduated from BYU Provo, one is at BYU Provo, and two is serving LDS Missions in Taipei, Taiwan and Busan, Korea.

Dr. Meeks has a strong, motivational philosophy.  He believes every student is a genius. He loves inspiring students to develop leadership qualities, personal gifts and talents, and loves inspiring teachers and staff to be transformational mentors. He brings passion for learning and devotion for guiding youth and adults as an educator.  He receives every person where they are and helps to unlock their fullest potential to achieve their unique missions in life.