computer science award

Merit Prep Academy is home to an ever-expanding computer science program where students can progress from a simple “Hello World” program to building large software, web, and game projects. This month, we’d like to celebrate two outstanding students for their achievements in computer science.

Mitchell Schobert, a junior, was recently awarded a $1000 scholarship from Utah State University and an Honorable Mention award from the National Center for Women & Information Technology for her talent in computer science. She has excelled in both AP Computer Principles and AP Computer Science A and has further explored her interests outside of class by making games and websites. She has aspirations to study a STEM-related discipline beyond high school and continually overcomes challenges in learning and life with a positive attitude and resilient spirit.
Masrur Ahmed, a sophomore, decided to challenge himself in Merit’s Computer Programming class beyond the normal course work by learning about data science and software development. As a vehicle for learning, he decided to make an application that could graph data inputted by a user. Using Python’s Flask web development framework and matplotlib graphing library, he created a product that could receive inputted user data, graph the data in line, bar, and scatter plot forms, and reset or modify the data as needed. He presented his work at Utah TSA’s software development competition (which features the best young developers from Utah high schools) and got 3rd place! To check out his app, visit
For more on Merit’s computer science program, visit or contact Mr. Buckley at