Congratulations to Miles Butterfield and Susanna Richardson, who were chosen for this year’s Social Studies Book Award.
It was difficult to choose between them because they made each other better students.  They challenged each other and shared their different academic strengths with each other making them both better students.  They also challenged me to be a better teacher and to refine my own skills as an historian.
Miles has a great analytical mind and his knowledge of world and ancient history helped him make meaningful connections to our own history, which made his contributions to class very useful and helpful to his classmates.  He was awarded the book Patriots: The Men Who Started the American Revolution because of his own rebellious spirit.  Just like the patriots he doesn’t accept the status quo without question but loves to spar and challenge us all.
Susanna also has a thoughtful and curious mind.  Her awareness of historical facts and a desire to better understand the human spirit and how it shapes our world makes her an amazing history student.  This is why she was awarded the classic novel The Grapes of Wrath”  by John Steinbeck. This novel, like much of our history, is about the quest to find the American Dream. Susanna represents that drive to understand humanity and how it and history influence us.   
I feel truly lucky to have had these students in the best AP History class I’ve ever taught.
Rachel Barlow
Social Studies Department Chair