Last year Merit Academy students and teachers raised $5000 at our schools “Meal for Mtulu” by selling meals, bread and other student-made items. That money was donated to Kenya Keys and the dollar amount was matched by an organization called “Rising Schools.” We ended up sending $1000 to our sister school Mtulu and $9000 went to build a new classroom for our newest sister school—Taru. 

Rinda Hayes reports. “You won’t believe this!  You probably have heard of cyclone Idai that hit the southern part of Africa?  It’s bizarre!  It’s like a small part of that cyclone broke loose and hit Taru last week.  If you can believe it, that tin classroom we showed you (that you are going to help replace) got torn to pieces.  You can see it, flattened and in the tree!  
Is it ever lucky that Merit Academy and School Rising have helped fund its replacement!  Other roofs were blown off classrooms.  The destruction was terrible – and very strangely localized.  
So thank you more than ever!”

We at Merit Academy would like to thank all you parents, teachers, and members of the community who helped with this great project. We look forward to another great fundraising year for our sister schools.