We would like to thank Imagine Learning for all their hard work and hours they donated to the students and faculty at Merit Academy. Thanks to their service, the courtyard has been beautified and Merit students and teachers will be able to enjoy it more fully.

“We had a fabulous service project with the Imagine Learning group. We moved a lot of dirt, leveled off the heel in the courtyard and put sod down. The courtyard looks fabulous. These folks were a pleasure to work with and I would recommend them to anyone.” – Brent Bunnell, Facilities Director


Imagine Learning was founded in 2004 with the mission to open doors of opportunity and serve the children of the world. In its fifteen years of business the company has created Imagine Language & Literacy, an award-winning supplemental software that teaches Pre-K through sixth-grade students essential skills they need to achieve. Over the past decade, Imagine Learning has expanded its vision to also provide instruction in Spanish for early learners (Pre-K through 2) and mathematics for students in elementary and secondary school (Pre-K through Geometry).