Merit College Preparatory Academy is a “project-based” school that celebrates student accomplishments. 

Yesterday, our 7th grade students gathered in the commons area of the school to display their hard work, building delivery systems for eggs, for the rest of the 7th grade. 

Mrs. Wilson, Merit Academy Science Teacher, reports… 

“I figured this would be a fun way to see Newton’s third law in action and have the students use their knowledge of physics to help balance out the force of gravity. I have a total of 52 seventh graders, and almost all of them were able to participate. With more than 20 students in a class, we certainly caused an uproar at school as we loudly counted down each drop. It peaked a lot of interest, and pretty soon we had other teachers and some students taking pictures of the event. Some of the students got really creative in their design using food, such as peanut butter and salsa, or even slime and play-dough. Surprisingly, all of those unique designs were successful. We saw success in many other different designs, and had a lot of fun. As I continue teaching at Merit, I would love to do this every year. The students not only had fun, but they thought about the physics involved. It is very possible we have some future NASA engineers.”